History of Alianza Fraternal Americana Lodge 92

Our Lodge saw the light on November 1992, when the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia supported a group of Brothers to open the first Lodge in DC authorized to work in Spanish.

The period of Dispensation evidenced the willingness of our Grand Lodge officers to help spreading the diversity in our Jurisdiction. It was until January 31st 1993 when we finally received our Charter.

Masonry for a Brother members is taken seriously, by doing our best effort to meet and deliver our work in an attempt 

to enrich our brethren life, culture and wisdom. This is reflected in a recurrent high attendance to every meeting we have the first and third Wednesday of every month.

Although, we worked in different places, our Lodge has been meeting for the recent years in a Beautiful Historic Temple kindly hosted by the Naval Lodge in Pennsylvania Street.

The District of Columbia and Capital City hosts many diplomatic and military missions, what immediately creates a situation where some Masons from different Countries end up living in the DC for a prolonged period of time. 

Therefore, the fact that the Grand Lodge of DC is the supports diversity evidenced in Lodges of the Jurisdiction working in different Languages. This is such an advantage for Brothers that need to stay in DC and would like to continue their Masonic formation.

While we celebrate diversity from different cultures, in addition, Alianza Fraternal Americana Lodge 92, enjoys having members from different countries of Latin America, all with a common goal of supporting and working hard for our Lodge and the Hispanic Community.

In 2018, we will be Celebrating 25 years Anniversary, and our Lodge is focused on a plan to achieve an Agenda that not only will demand the expected learning work from our Brethren trying to improve as human beings, but we are also defining new goals which will include our participation with the Hispanic Community. We plan to help good citizens to improve their chances to succeed in different areas of life.

Ours is an American Lodge working in Spanish. Masonry is not a Religion, but as Masons we believe in a Supreme Being and respect the faith of our members in an effective "Free will" approach.

The Armony we enjoy in our Lodge makes us real Brothers. But being a good Mason is not easy, in fact we admit we are far from achieving such level, however, we do care to give our best effort.

Alianza Fraternal Americana members will continue working to improve the quality of our work to go over reasonable factors that compete with us, members family time, work time, highly marketed entertaiment, fatigue and logistics (driving ~ 45mins one way). Thus it is with proud that we see our meetings hosting a large number of brothers who enjoy the quality of information discussed, and the time spent among brothers.

Along our history, we certainly have seen Brothers joining our meetings and others leaving, but united by the beautiful brotherhood Masonry represents. And we continue growing in many ways:

  • Quality of our work
  • Good men joining us
  • Strong relation with Brother Lodges of the Jurisdiction
  • Masonic Events participation
  • Community participations

Again, we are proud of our Lodge and the hard work it cost to reach this level. We will not take it for granted and the challenge will remain being a constant improvement because we are Masons.

Visit our Contact page if you are interested in knowing more about us. 

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