Dinner for the 25 years Anniversary of Alianza Fraternal Americana Lodge 92

25 years of History deserves a good time with Brothers, Friends and Family...

Our Lodge Celebrates its 25th Anniversary and is hosting a Dinner party for Brothers, Friend and Family to Celebrate such an important milestone.

We plan to prepare a program for the night that will include a show of our Latin Heritage, with Dances, Music and food that characterizes the communitity our Lodge represents.

Brothers of the DC Jurisdiction, you are more than welcome to Register with our Brother Secretary, or contact us via email at contact@alianzafraternalamericana.org

This Event will be hosted in a beautiful ballroom in DC more details in our Aniversary Event Page.


Rafael Caceres

Fecha y Hora del Evento: 
Sat, 05/19/2018 - 18:30

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